Becoming a Member of a Strata & the Approval Process

This article walks you through the process of becoming a member of your strata’s MiCasa web portal.

Within the MiCasa web portal, ‘member’ is the term given to any user who has been approved to use your strata’s web portal. Owners, tenants and Property Managers are all examples of members.

  1. Go to your strata’s web portal, select the Become a Member tab, fill out your details and select Create User.

    Note: If you have already created an account, simply go to the Sign In tab and enter your email address and password.
  2. Once you have successfully created your account you will be automatically signed in to the Get Approval page. There are still some tasks to complete before your account is approved.
  3. Get Approval: From the Get Approval page, you must complete 2 tasks:
    1. Confirm your email address: An email has been sent to you to confirm that your email address is valid. Check your email, within the email select the Confirm My Email link. You will be taken back to the Get Approval page within your strata’s web portal. You will notice a green check mark indicating that you have successfully confirmed your email. Nice job!
    2. Add Your Property: Once your email address is confirmed, if you are an owner, non-resident owner or tenant, select the Add Your Property link. Select your current residency status, then enter your unit number, address, locker number and parking stall number, then select Save.

      Note: From the Get Approval page you can also become a Property Manager, Property Manager Assistant or Building Manager. Only select these options if they apply to you, or your membership will not be approved.
  4. Member Approval Process: At this stage, a notification has been sent to the Member Approver of your strata’s web portal. Once the Member Approver has reviewed and approved your membership, you will receive an email welcoming you to your strata’s web portal community.
  5. Once You’re Approved: Now that you have been approved, sign into your strata’s web portal. Select the Overview tab and then select the Getting Started tab. This area contains a few easy tasks that will help you get the most from your web portal membership.

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