MiCasa Tasks quick start guide

MiCasa Tasks allow the strata council and property manager to create tasks and assign them to a person for successful completion.

This guide is designed to get you up-to-speed quickly with the core features of MiCasa Tasks, including: creating task lists and creating tasks.

Who can use MiCasa Tasks?
MiCasa Tasks really help promote accountability and operational transparency; therefore, all residents (owners, non-resident owners and tenants), can view MiCasa Tasks. However, only Council Members, Task Managers and Administrators can create and edit tasks (including task lists). Task Managers and Administrators can delete any task. While, Council Members can only delete their own tasks.  

Task Lists
Tasks are organized into task lists such as - Preventative Maintenance, Owner Requests, Repairs, Special Projects, etc. Task list names can be customized by the strata.

Creating a task list:
  1. Log into your strata’s web portal and select the Tasks tab.
  2. Select the Add Task List button in the top right corner.
  3. Give the task list a name (such as: Preventative Maintenance, Owner Requests, Repairs or Special Projects), select the Add Task List button.
  4. That’s it. Your new task list will appear in the Tasks area ready for you to add some tasks.
    Note: Only Council Members, Task Managers and Administrators can create and edit tasks (including task lists).   

Tasks are individual “to dos” such as: “Book annual fire inspection” or “Dryer duct cleaning”. Tasks allow the strata to easily track proposals, deficiency reports, completion reports, final invoices, attach photos, warranty documents, or any other document or file that is associated with a Task.

Creating a task:
  1. From within a task list, select the Add a Task button.
  2. In the first field, explain what needs to be done. Using the dropdown box, assign the task to someone and create a due date. If you like, enter more details about this task. Files can also be uploaded to the task at this time. When you’re finished, select Save Task.
  3. If you have assigned a task to someone other than yourself, they will receive an email notification.
  4. That’s it. Your new task will be added to the task list.

Completing a task: Once a task has been completed, simply select the square to the left of the task to remove it from the task list.

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