Exploring the Member Approver user role

Member Approvers can do more than just review new membership applications. This article explores the Member Approver user role in detail.

In addition to reviewing new membership applications to their strata’s MiCasa web portal, Member Approvers can assign user roles to other members. For example, a Member Approver can assign other members as Council Members or Task Managers.

Assigning a user role to a member is super easy, here’s how:

  1. Log into your strata’s MiCasa web portal and select the People tab. Select a Member’s name to enter their profile. 
  2. In the left column, you will see the various user roles available. Check or uncheck user roles as required and then select Update Account to confirm.

Removing a user from the strata:
  1. Navigate to the PEOPLE Tab > Then mouse over the owner/tenant address and DELETE the address. Once all addresses are removed from a user they won't have access to the site anymore.

Note: You must be a Member Approver to perform these operations.  

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