How can I add our Building Manager to our strata?

In order to add your Building Manager to your strata its best to use the "Invites" tab to create a new Invite.

  1. Once you're there you can customize the email message your Building Manager will receive. If you want to give some extra hints you can add this link as well:
  2. Add the email address of your Building Manger and click on "Create Invite".
  3. The invite also includes a link to your strata website with the option to join by using "Sign In" or "Become a Member".  
  4. Your Building Manager just have to follow the steps to send an "Account Request" in order to get approved. 
  5. Once your Building Manager did this, you'll get notified that you can approve your Building Manager to get access. 
Thats it, you're done and your Building Manager has now access to your site.

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