Uploading Documents

One of the main benefits using MiCasa is to store strata documents. MiCasa organizes documents in compliance with the BC Strata Property Act. When a new document is uploaded to MiCasa, strata owners are notified automatically. So everyone stays up-to-date with things like the minutes from last week’s strata council meeting.  

Uploading documents to MiCasa is super easy. Follow these steps:

  1. Log into your MiCasa website.

    • Council members, property managers and website administrators can all upload documents to MiCasa.  

  2. Select the ‘Documents’ tab and then select the ‘Add Document’ button.

  3. Complete the necessary fields, and enter a description of the document so that other users can easily understand what it is. Select ‘Create Document’. You’re all done.

Quick tip: Documents can be tagged to make them even easier to find. For example, let’s say you’re uploading a depreciation report. From within the New Document area, select ‘Report’ from Category drop down menu and then add the tag ‘Depreciation’.

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