The Booking Calendar Explained

The Booking Calendar is used to house 1 or more calendars for users of the strata MiCasa website to book guest suites or amenities for example.

To get started the MEMBER APPROVER needs to assign someone within the strata the BOOKING MANAGER role. The Booking Manager is the person who can create Calendars, receives notifications that someone has made a booking and to approves bookings.

To setup a Calendar, simply go to the Bookings Tab and then click NEW CALENDAR (top right corner). When creating a new calendar, type the name of the Calendar e.g. Guest Suite, then a short description and then the terms for that calendar, in this case the deposit amount, the checkin and out times and any other rules etc.

Once created the Calendar is now available to take bookings from users of the strata MiCasa system.

Booking Manager Work Flow
Once a booking is made by a resident, the booking manager is notified via email. The booking manager must now login to MiCasa and then approve that booking. On approval the owner is notified saying there booking has been approved and the dates are closed off so others cannot book.

The booking manager also has the ability to make bookings on behalf of people that are not part of the website. They do this by clicking Book Now, next to the relevant calendar and then from the dropdown list pick the persons name, if it exists or click NOT REGISTERED and then the name can be manually entered. On submission that booking is AUTO APPROVED as this was carried out be the Booking Manager.

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