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  1. Becoming a Member of a Strata & the Approval Process

  2. Document Tagging

  3. Does MiCasa know the difference between owners, council members, tenants, and vendors?

  4. Does MiCasa store our strata's documents in a secure way that is compliant with the Strata Property Act?

  5. Does MiCasa suit self managed buildings?

  6. Exploring the Member Approver user role

  7. Getting familiar with your account

  8. Help with printing PDF documents

  9. How can I add our Building Manager to our strata?

  10. How do I update my account?

  11. How does MiCasa notify people when there is something urgent or when, say, strata council meeting minutes have been added to the strata's documents?

  12. How does MiCasa organize our strata's "to dos"?

  13. How does MiCasa present key information like, "Who to call"?

  14. I forgot my password (Forgotten Password, How to reset password)

  15. I have a question that I need answered.

  16. I'm the Building Manager of a strata that uses MiCasa. How can I get access to the site?

  17. Implementation & Promotion Guide for Administrators

  18. Introducing MiCasa Tasks

  19. Is my information safe?

  20. Learning about MiCasa security

  21. MiCasa Tasks quick start guide

  22. MiCasa Tasks: Commenting

  23. MiCasa Tasks: Creating Reports

  24. MiCasa Tasks: Exploring the Task Manager user role

  25. MiCasa Tasks: Tagging

  26. The Booking Calendar Explained

  27. Update/Delete Residency Status

  28. Uploading Documents

  29. Web browser requirements for using MiCasa

  30. What about my contact details?

  31. What about ownership structures?

  32. What do you mean by "building"?

  33. What if I own multiple properties within a single strata?

  34. What is a Member Approver?

  35. What is MiCasa?

  36. What’s the difference between MiCasa and a Facebook Group?

  37. What’s the difference between MiCasa and a regular website?

  38. When are email notifications sent and who receives them?

  39. Who is MiCasa aimed at?

  40. Why do I receive so many emails?

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