Getting familiar with your account

Your MiCasa web portal account is your personal connection to your strata community. This article explores your MiCasa web portal account in detail, including: making changes, updating your password and sharing information.

Once you’re logged into your strata’s MiCasa web portal, you can access your account settings by selecting the cog icon in the top right corner. From within the Your Settings area, select the edit button located beside Account Information. During this article, we’ll only be focussing on the Account Information area.

Your Account
Within the Account Information area, fields designated with an asterisk (*) are mandatory. For example it is mandatory to include your first and last name.

A profile picture is recommended. People are more likely to have a conversation, online and in the real world, with someone that they recognize. Your profile picture allows people in your strata community to associate your name with your face. This simple association of face and name helps to build trust.  

Uploading your profile picture is easy. Simply select the Choose File button, a dialogue box will appear. Select an image file on your computer and then select the Update User button at the bottom of the page. You will be given the option to crop your profile picture before it’s finalized.

Within the MiCasa web portal, your email is private. MiCasa respects your email privacy. Your email address is used for notification purposes only. Your email address is not viewable by other members of your strata’s web portal.

Updating your email address: For security reasons, your email address must be updated by a MiCasa administrator. To update your password email Please include your old email address and your new email address and your unit address.

Updating Your Password
Using a strong password is an important part of protecting your privacy online. Update your MiCasa web portal password anytime by entering your new password, then confirm it by re-entering the new password again. Select the Update User button to finalize your password update.

Sharing Information
Many people choose to share more information about themselves, such as their interests or hobbies, as they become more comfortable using MiCasa. While your account information is viewable only to people with secure access to your strata web portal, protect your privacy by not sharing sensitive information.

To share information about yourself, simply fill out the About Me field and select the Update User button.

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